If your radio station is like most others we've seen, there's often a little problem getting quality spots on the air, on time and to the client's satisfaction. That's because there are only so many hours in a day, and everyone is too busy to schedule "creative" time. 

But what if you could get those award-winning spots on the air without hiring a fabulous (and temperamental and expensive) writing staff? Huh? What then?

At Cook Creative Copywriting, we offer creative solutions at the click of a mouse or the touch of a few buttons. Just e-mail or fax your copy notes to us, and we will e-mail or fax back creative copy, fast, fresh and ready to record! This is NOT some "fly-by-night-fill-in-the-blank-generic-copy" kind of deal. Nope. We've been doing this for dozens of stations just like yours since 1993! That's more than 60,000 scripts, lovingly created one at a time. We know this because we've been counting!

Who NEEDS it? Where should we start?

  • Stations that would rather have their salespeople on the street selling instead of in the office writing.
  • Stations looking to cut costs and streamline operations.
  • Stations and/or salespeople looking for an extra selling "edge."
  • Stations with copy loads too heavy for existing personnel.
  • Stations looking for temporary help during illness, vacations, or maternity leaves.

Our copy is designed specifically for the clients of your radio station, at a cost well below what you would pay an on-staff copywriter with similar background and experience.

Furthermore, you get all the advantages of having award-winning copywriters on staff--without having to pay taxes, matching FICA, or benefits.

Let us count the ways...

  • Because we can help improve your bottom line by providing quality copy for your clients.

  • Because if you don't have a copy department in house, we can help salespeople be more productive by handling the "creative" while they--YOU--concentrate on writing more orders.

  • Because no matter how creative your staff may be, there will always be times when you need a helping hand to come up with new and exciting ideas...or to help you work through "the load."

  • Because we love radio and the challenges it presents. (Corny, but true!)

It's a free country, but here's what we'd suggest. Read some samples. Check the rates.
Consult your horoscope if you need to. But above all, link this page and save the phone number! We'll be here when you call.

Of course, if you'd rather act BEFORE the ulcer starts instead of AFTER, you could fish around for a loose project or two and call us today. Go ahead, take a chance. Take the CREDIT. We'll take the cash and call it square.

Oh, and thanks for coming.
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Fax 855-700-Cook (2665)
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