Oh, it's all fine and well having a brilliant idea and launching a revolutionary new service, but what about printing a rate card you can quote with a straight face?

Answer: Just do it.*

Here are the rates and policies, in black and white. If you're the boss, pat yourself on the back. If you're not, please get some mileage out of our good news. This could be your ticket out of cubicle land.

Exhibit B
Markets #1-25
$25 per spot
Markets #26-75
$20 per spot
Markets #76-125
$17 per spot
Markets #126+
$15 per spot
Contract rates are available upon request

Here's the inside scoop on how to get the most out of Cook Creative Copywriting:

There are no weekly minimum requirements or maximum limits. You may send as many or as few as you like...or none at all.
Weekly tallies are kept, and billing is monthly.
Simply email or fax the facts to us, and we'll create fresh, unique copy ideas from the ground up, and develop sales-generating ideas you can use in your presentations.
Rewrites are free if Cook Creative is at fault. If the client changes the original content of the ad, each rewrite will count as 1/2 spot.
Simple updates (Starts Friday, Ends Today, etc.) are free.
Any event or promotion that requires a different commercial with different facts provided for each day, will be assessed as many commercials as it takes to get the job done correctly.
24-hour, and Friday-to-Monday turnaround are in effect. In cases where the salesperson has designated a later "date needed," Cook Creative will return completed copy on or before the designated date. Same-day turnaround is available upon request, and a bargain at twice the regular price. (When you want 'em good and fast, we'll write 'em good, fast.)
Cook Creative offers market exclusivity.

We hope you'll forgive us this one cliche: With rates like this, you can't afford NOT to try Cook Creative Copywriting! Call us today, before your competition does. (Okay, TWO cliches.)

*"Just do it" is not a Cook Creative original. Sigh...
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